Find your footing ~ Forge your path



  • Stuck in unhelpful habit loops?

  • Stressed out and exhausted?

  • Wanting to establish new and healthy routines?

I work with healthcare professionals and other caregivers who have decided it's time to make a change. The issue may be mindless eating, poor sleep, lack of exercise, problematic drinking, disease management, or chronic stress. You feel stuck and haven't been able to make a long-lasting and meaningful change. Or it may just be a sense that your well-being can be improved. 


  • Clarity and compassion

  • Guidance as you design your realistic and achievable goals

  • Practical resources and support to make those goals happen


When you work with me, you'll achieve your personal wellness goals by improving mental fitness that will lead to sustained change using mindfulness and your own innate wisdom. You will have the option to use an app-based program to build these mental muscles. I am with you at each step as you establish your footing and forge your own unique path. 

As a certified health and wellness coach who also happens to be a physician with expertise in endocrinology, metabolism, weight management, fitness, mindfulness, and behavior change, you can be sure I will provide you with solid resources, compassionate guidance, and creative ideas as we overcome challenges and celebrate your success. I look forward to helping you!

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1:1 Coaching

  • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions

  • Phone or video sessions 

  • Option to add mental fitness content delivered via app over 6 weeks

Group Program

(great for teams or partners)

  • Mental fitness content delivered via app over 6 weeks

  • Weekly group check-ins  

  • Messaging support throughout



The Key Factor in Establishing Habits


Mental fitness is your capacity to deal with life's challenges with a positive rather than negative mindset.​ It has a significant impact on your on your health and wellbeing, performance, and relationships.


Drawing on research from neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and performance science, you'll learn techniques to improve mental fitness with a few focused minutes of practice each day.

The approach to mental fitness is based on the Positive Intelligence framework. It is a system that simplifies and streamlines rewiring the brain for good, allowing more time in positive emotional states like curiosity, compassion, joy, and awe. As a result, changing habits and making healthy lifestyle decisions is easier and more sustainable. 




Want to learn more? Contact me at to schedule a free introductory 20-minute call and find out if mental fitness coaching is for you.